He’s Alive!

I know my blog site has been out there and I know I hadn’t posted anything for a while. I didn’t realize three years had passed! In my defense, I also knew that it would be a challenge. A few months ago we changed domain names and there were issues migrating to the new domain. I didn’t relish the prospect of working through the issues to migrate to the new domain address. A compelling reason finally presented itself.

I am currently studying for a Masters in Fine Arts Creative Writing certificate. A new assignment pushed me to take action. Last week one of the classes reading assignments was My Body, a hypertext novel by Shelley Jackson. An assignment from a previous class was to write a flash story about how the world has “written on your body.” I chose a scar I received as a child while playing with my cousins. Low and behold, one of the new assignment options is:

Write a flash fiction or poem in which the only setting is (à la Jackson) the body. Perhaps you want to focus on a particular body part (eyes, fingers, arm hair) or organ (liver, pancreas, lungs). Perhaps you want to explore the body from the point of view of a disease taking it over. Perhaps you want to create a narrator who can’t think beyond his or her own flesh and blood.

A perfect opportunity to complete the assignment as a hypertext story.

I in fact, do still live and plan to post more frequently. I have more to post about my clarinet playing, life drive my Volt, writing and kids life.

Stay tuned.

Misty Boathouse Update

I’ve been experimenting with Fay’s Master Brush Collection from Kellby Training in Corel Painter 11. In this version of Misty Boathouse I use the Trees & Branches brushed to get more detail into the trees and grass. I also used the Acrylic Dry Brush to brush in more details on the boathouse.

Getting to what’s Important

Katie is becoming what could best be described as an Absolutist (but not in the New Thought sense). Yesterday she brought home a homework page (yes, Kindergarten homework 😛 ). The page described a game where you roll a die and put either a red or yellow marker on the shapes drawn on the same page with the number of sides that match the number rolled (e.g. 3 = triangle, 4 = rectangle, square, etc.). The picture of the die on the page was a red die with the number “5” showing (not the dots the way you would normally see a die).

Katie asked me for a die so we could play the game. I offered her a blue die with the dots. “This won’t work”, she said. She pointed to the picture and said, “it’s a red one with numbers. Not blue with dots and besides, its not the same size.

I responded by asking, “If I roll a big die, will you be able to see the number and match it to the shape”?

“Yes”, she said. “I guess it can be a different size die, but it’s blue, not red”.

I responded again, asking, “If I roll a blue die, will you be able to see the number and match it to the shape”?

“Yes”, she said. “I guess it can be blue, but it has dots, not numbers on it”.

I responded again, asking, “If I roll the die and you can count the number of dots, will you be able to match it to the shape”?

“Yes”, she said. “I guess we can use the bigger, blue die with the dots. What’s important is being able to know the number and match the shape”.

We finally got to what was important about playing the game.

Catching Rain – Nearly Complete

I’ve added more detail and I think the painting looks pretty good. A few things I want to fix:
1. a bit more detail on the neckerchief
2. a bit more detail on the kids by the garage door.
3. a bit more with the rain. Although I think it works pretty well.
4. Nick’s jacket has some white that I want to remove. I think its a bit distracting
5. fix up the mouth a bit.

Fireworks over Commencement Bay

We spend July 4th at a friends house overlooking Commencement Bay (Tacoma). Here are a couple of photo with my Nikon D60 I’m still getting used to:

Commencement Bay


More Fireworks

and more fireworks

There were shot at about 2 -3 seconds at f22 and ISO 200…I know I should have stepped the ISO down to 100.

Catching Raindrops Reference Nearly Complete

This is the general concept for the painting. I am very happy with what I was able to do with Vue to create the firestation setting. I added in the kid pictures and I think its about ready to use for a reference. The only thing I think I need to do is verify the scale of the kids in the firestation. I think they are a bit too small.