He’s Alive!

I know my blog site has been out there and I know I hadn’t posted anything for a while. I didn’t realize three years had passed! In my defense, I also knew that it would be a challenge. A few months ago we changed domain names and there were issues migrating to the new domain. I didn’t relish the prospect of working through the issues to migrate to the new domain address. A compelling reason finally presented itself.

I am currently studying for a Masters in Fine Arts Creative Writing certificate. A new assignment pushed me to take action. Last week one of the classes reading assignments was My Body, a hypertext novel by Shelley Jackson. An assignment from a previous class was to write a flash story about how the world has “written on your body.” I chose a scar I received as a child while playing with my cousins. Low and behold, one of the new assignment options is:

Write a flash fiction or poem in which the only setting is (à la Jackson) the body. Perhaps you want to focus on a particular body part (eyes, fingers, arm hair) or organ (liver, pancreas, lungs). Perhaps you want to explore the body from the point of view of a disease taking it over. Perhaps you want to create a narrator who can’t think beyond his or her own flesh and blood.

A perfect opportunity to complete the assignment as a hypertext story.

I in fact, do still live and plan to post more frequently. I have more to post about my clarinet playing, life drive my Volt, writing and kids life.

Stay tuned.