First Volt Month

I’ve driven my Volt for one month. It turns out that I drove more in June that I drove more than my anticipated 1,250 miles per month; 1550 miles. I didn’t visit a gas station in June and used abou seven gallons of gas for an average of 221 MPG. During the month I needed to make several trips to Tacoma which took me out of my normal commuting pattern and was the reason for using the gas I did use. 

A few of those trips I would normally have used our van. So, even with the gas that I did use, I realized a energy savings of about $240 for June. I did learn the cost of the BLINK charging can accumulate quickly. The cost, $1.00 per hour, isn’t much but when considering the cost of charging with 110v at home at $0.81 per full charge it is pretty expensive. It takes about four hours for a full charge at a cost of about $4.00. The real hidden cost with per hour charging is the time you are plugged into a charger when you really don’t need to. This happens when you are engaged in activities, such as work, that doesn’t afford you the opportunity to move the vehicle after it is fully charged.

On a final note, I still don’t have my OnStar working.