Marianne Williamson for Congress

“Getting the money out of politics is the greatest moral challenge of our generation”

Marianne Williamson is running for Congress in the 33rd Congressional District in California. I live in Washington State but I am still a supporter. Why? Because money in politics is a national issue. With your support Marianne Williamson is serving as a vanguard to show what will be possible in your district in the future.

Marianne Williamson is NEARING THE FINISH LINE of an incredible campaign for election to the U.S. House of Representatives. In order to pay for the media that will make her competitive with the other leading candidates, her campaign MUST RAISE OVER 1 MILLION DOLLARS in the next few weeks!

I’m calling on you to join me and Americans all over the U.S. in a MASSIVE GRASSROOTS CROWDFUND. I’m urging everyone I know to SUPPORT MARIANNE’S CAMPAIGN BY CONTRIBUTING RIGHT NOW, regardless of where you live and vote.

Whether you contribute $5, $50 or $500, YOUR CONTRIBUTION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE in the success of the campaign.

HELP MAKE POLITICAL HISTORY and get one of the worlds most influential and transformative thinkers into Congress!

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE! This Crowdfunding page is linked directly to the campaign!

*Must be a U.S. Citizen/permanent resident to fundraise & donate.

Visit Marianne Williamson’s campaign site

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