iWork Update

In August I wrote a post “Office Automation for iOS”. In that post I noted that Microsoft’s Office didn’t exist for an iPad and Apple’s Pages didn’t support the most current version of the Office document format (.pptx, .xlsx, and .docx). This left us in search of an office automation tool.

The big news for today’s Apple keynote was the update to iPad. There was another announcement that has bigger implications for the enterprise, the iWork update! Why is that big news for the enterprise? Two reasons:

1. iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) is now FREE. For an enterprise that saves thousands of dollars. If you are deploying a couple hundred iPads and intended to deploy Pages, Numbers and Keynote it would have cost $30 per iPad. That turns out to be a savings of $6000 for a 200 iPad deployment. Yet without the next point it wouldn’t be really big news.

2. Pages now supports the .docx format! I’ve verified this. Presumably Numbers and Keynote will support the latest Office format as well.

As I explained in my post in August, when you combine this with SharePlus (a SharePoint client for iOS) and SharePoint, you now have a seamless experience for office automation

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