Update – Office Automation for iOS

In my last post, “Office Automation for iOS”, I wrote about using Office(2) HD as an Office document editor for iOS. Since then, I’ve conducted additional tests. The first was to load a large, complex Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was 2.5MB with several tabs and complex formatting. It took a couple of minutes to load through a VPN connection. After it rendered the spreadsheet retained the formatting exactly as expected.

The second test was not structured but was the result of day to day use. I was attending a design review meeting for another type of technology; virtual private connections over cellular…but that’s a topic for another post. As has become my practice now, I don’t carry paper. I use an agency branded version of SharePlus to access the agency’s SharePoint sites from my iPad. As expected, a couple of taps later I had the document being reviewed displayed on my iPad. However, the embedded images did not display. This is the first scenario where Office(2) HD didn’t come through for me.

I am researching the potential reason for this. My hypothesis is that the author of the document embedded a Visio diagram without converting it to a PNG or JPG image. More to come on this but it raises a point about document management best practices. When sharing documents with others make sure to prepare them in a format that can be consumed by the broadest possible audience. Generally, the recommendation is to save them in the PDF format.

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