Chinese Recycler

Oops. When I started this post I saw my previous one of Fawn Lake that I hadn’t finished. Well, in the meantime, Topaz Labs released version 5 of Topaz Adjust Plugin for Photoshop Elements…with that release they had ad 30% special discount for the new release (it may still be valid for those of you who use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements). I took advantage of the discount, got the plugin, then got all excited about how it made adjustments to my photos so I could use them as a foundation for my paintings. I selected and made adjustments to what I think are our best photos from China.

This is one of my favorites. While walking through an open market in Guangzhou, this man passed by hauling what looks like recycle material. I was able to get a pretty good picture. I used that picture as a reference of the painting below. This one went really quickly. I started by using the AutoPaint feature In Corel Painter 11, using Jeremy Sutton’s MishMashScrumble brush to create an underpainting. I then used RealBristle Round Blender brush, reduced the opacity to about 35% and brushed in some general color detail on a separate layer. I followed that with the Real Oils Smeary Brush from the RealBristle set, kicked up the feature so I would get some pretty good brush stroked and added some detail. Finally I touched up the background with Jeremy’s MishMashScrumble brush again to cleanup the edges of the cart and man.

I think with some texture and glazing this will be done. All in all it took about eight hours so far.


2006 Guangzhu88 BGBlend 3 outputweb