Mt. St. Helen’s

I finally got around to finishing this one. This one was interesting in that there were a number of different textures that required different brushes; the stump bark, the rocks, the path, the mountain and the fir trees. Fay Sirkis’ Digital Magic Brushes was my “go to” brush from the trees. The Smeary Palette Knife that ships with Painter 11 was ideal for the mountain and the rocks. Karen Sperling’s Paint Grass brush from the Trees n Branches collection was ideal for the grass. Karen Sperling Old Rusty Paint brush from the Mountains and Rocks collection was what did the trick for the stump detail. I finished it off with a canvas texture.

The reference image was a photo I took while visiting the Ape Caves on the south side of Mt. St. Helen’s during the summer.

Mt. St. Helen's