Streets of Heidelberg

This is a digital painting of the streets in Heidelberg, Germany just below the castle in the historic district. I applyied the techniques I learned from John Derry’s course…Transforming a Photo into a Painting with Photoshop.

The techniques described essentially translate the “vocabulary of photography” to the “vocabulary of painters”. I used the Topaz Adjust for Photoshop Elements to prepare the image. I used Jeremy Sutton’s Oil Cloner and the RealBristle Tapered Round brushes.

StreetsOfHeidleberg CobblestoneDetail 03

Watercolors and I don’t get along…for now

In July I posted a blog item showing I was going to start a watercolor exercise. After about six failed attempts to start the project, I’ve abandoned it for now. I really can’t relate to the watercolors behave on the paper. I’m much more comfortable with pastels, chalk or oil.

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Snow Leopards eaten by Lions

Our Snow Leopard O/S Macs have been upgraded. The upgrade experience was much like a Windows service pack. The effect was more like an XP to Windows 7 upgrade. Interface changes to adjust to and a couple of not so obvious things:

– scrolling behavior is reversed. This is very intuitive when using the track pad but not a mouse. It can be reversed again…I think I’ll just get used to it.

– Integration of the LaunchPad (app shortcut space similar to an iPad), Dashboard and the Mission Control (formerly Spaces) through swiping gestures. It now makes these three components very useful. Durning the past couple of years the widespread adoption of Widgets has made many useful widgets available for the Dashboard.

– The LaunchPad now brings the same experience for interacting with app shortcuts found on a iPad to the desktop.


– shortcuts in the LaunchPad look just like the apps. Delete shortcuts in Finder before messing around with the shortcuts in LaunchPad.

– many people have said you can’t rename groups in LaunchPad. You can, just like the iPad….open the group first then highlight the group name.

– Only shortcuts for apps purchased through the App Store can be deleted from the LaunchPad. For the others the app needs to be uninstalled….this is sub-optimal.

– As with any other significant O/S upgrade, not all apps are compatible. I only had a few insignificant apps fail to run.

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