Next Painting Project

I think I finally have the concept for my next painting project. As a cub scout one of the things the new scouts do is visit a fire station. It’s always exciting for a six year old but as I soon discovered there are other things vying for a six year old’s attention. On this particular day it started raining. That’s not unusual here but Nick was getting a bit bored waiting to sit at the controls of the firetruck as the rain started coming down. Now it is actually somewhat unusual here to get the type of downpour that would entice a six year old to try and catch raindrops in his mouth. I snapped a picture of Nick trying to to just that.

I thought this picture had the potential for making something Norman Rockwell-like. I did get some good action from Nick but the photo quality isn’t that good and the background (a garbage bin and barricades) isn’t so good.

The fire station wasn’t in all that good of shape either so other pictures from that outing really weren’t going to add, the idea is to create an image of a stylized fire station and fire truck in the background with the other scouts paying attention while Nick is is the foreground oblivious to the fire station or truck trying to catch raindrops.

I found two reference images that will give the effect I think I want. The firehouse is a late 19th century brownstone fire station and the fire truck is a 1950s style fire truck.

The approach will be to use Vue 8 to assemble the environment and background (firehouse and firetruck) then add it, the picture of Nick and another picture of the Scout Den as layers in a Corel Painter project as reference images to start the painting.