If you Give Katie a Microphone

Not too long ago I invested in Lego Rock Band for the WII to foster family time together. Even though I enjoy music and thought the Rock Band games would be great for family fun, I had resisted getting Rock Band for the family because of the “T” rating. (I did get it for myself later and confirmed that waiting for Lego Rock Band for the family was the right decision).

Nick showed some initial interest in Lego Rock Band because of the Lego branding and the “coolness” factor of a guitar but when he realized he might actually need to practice to do reasonably well, his interest fell off. I was left playing by myself until I got Rock Band 2 for myself.

The first song on Rock Band 2 is “Eye of the Tiger”. This just happens to be the same song Katie’s Pre-school plays for cleanup in the morning…and she loves that song. When she heard me playing it she asked if she could sing…

(In the vein of “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie”)

If you give Katie a Microphone, then Nick will probably want to play the guitar because he doesn’t want to have Katie show him up. If Nick is playing the guitar with Katie and Dad in the family room. Mom will want to sing too. If mom wants to sing Katie will probably want to try the drums. If everybody plays “Eye of the Tiger” without failing (in no-fail mode) then everybody will want to play play other songs. If everybody wants to play other songs dad will switch to Lego Rock Band so no one will hear “bad words”.

So in the end everybody is now enjoying playing Lego Rock Band.