Using LiveScribe SmartPen

I’ve had great success using my SmartPen. The greatest challenge I’m facing is the reaction of people in the room when I let them know I am recording the meeting. Most are interested in the technology; however, a few have taken offense. I find this interesting because all the meetings have been involved state government employees and contractors. In fact, one employee threatened to leave the meeting if I recorded it.

During the years of working for the state both as a contractor and employee it is a common practice for administrative staff to take notes and use recording devices to record the audio of the meetings. In fact, they have never made an announcement that they were recording because it was obvious they were….the had a tape or digital recorder, put it on the table and started recording. I never saw anyone take offense to this. Yet when the recording device is embodied in the pen I’m using to take notes at least one person did.

His interesting statement was that the meeting invitation didn’t indicate that the meeting would be recorded…presumably as information for him to decide whether to attend or not. I’ve never known anyone putting that type of notice on any of the meeting invitations where the meeting was recorded.

I guess I’ll need to look into the policy.