Ramps & Colors – Done

Since I am calling this one done. I posted it as a 1024×768 image…suitable for use as wallpaper. It is dark but that is deliberate.

I managed to correct all the lighting issues from my last post:
– the shadow on the tail section was move to the right side…away from the light source.
– shadowing was added to the right side of the body.
– shadowing was added to the right wing near the body
– lighting on the left wing was improved….but
– the lighting of the soldiers in formation on the left was reversed. With the rear of the C-17 as a light source I needed to change them from a shadowed front to a lit front. That was a bit of a challenge. I believe I managed that change but I lost some detail in the process.

– I also brightened up the flag in the caskets.

I am particularly pleased with the lighting on the tops of the mountains and the soldiers in formation on the right.

One of the challenges I had was working out the separation of the objects. I did this whole thing on one layer. Next time, even when using a photo as a clone source, I think I can separate those onto separate layers to get better separation.

I also learned that there is so much more that I need to learn about brushes. I was pretty much stumbling through the selection of brushes.

Oh, the jagged edge all the way around is also deliberate. It’s final size is 20″x30″ with a 2″ border so it can be stretched on canvas without losing any of the intended image.