Bluetooth Gateway

This is pretty cool. I love listening to Pandora and thought it would be cool to get a device that would allow me to stream Pandora to my home stereo. I took a look at Blue-Ray players with the ability to stream Pandora and Netflix. I think this would be where I would eventually want to go but a device like that that I can connect to the network via WiFi would cost me between $280 and $400. That’s too much right now.

A little research turned up what is called a “Bluetooth Stereo Gateway”. It’s essentially a little device that you plug into your home stereo amp via stereo RCA jacks. It looks like any other device to the stereo (DVD Player, Blue-Ray player, etc.). Then you pair it with a Bluetooth enabled laptop or cell phone, connect and start your streaming media player on the laptop. The Bluetooth Stereo Gateway looks like a bluetook headset to the laptop or cell phone and sends the signal to it. When the signal gets to the Bluetooth Stereo Gateway it sends it to the amplifier and out to the speakers. When you are using your cell phone as the streaming device it essentially turns your cell phone into a remote control music manager for your stereo.

I looked at several reviews and all of them pointed to the Blackberry Bluetooth Stereo Gateway as the best one. Although its from Blackberry you don’t need a Blackberry to use it. I will work with any device (cell phone, laptop, etc.) that can send streaming media to Bluetooth headsets. I use a Windows Mobile device. This thing is available from either Best Buy (in the mobile technology section) for about $80 or from for about $60 (plus shipping). Here’s the Amazon link