Enough’s Enough

A co-worker and have been doing research into the use of virtual technology for business. Examples include state agencies in Missouri holding job fairs in Second Life. While researching virtual worlds and Second Life we learned that a number of real-life (or first life) landmarks have been recreated in Second Life and would afford us the opportunity to explore some Korean culture in Second Life.

Last night I wanted to see what landmarks we could identify and what Korean cultural things we could find. We had about 20 minutes before Nick needed to get ready for bed.

I started my Toshiba Tecra M4 with the most memory it could hold (2GB) and started to fire up Second Life. Twenty minutes later Second Life was still trying to load……Nick got ready for bed……Second Life was still trying to load…..I read to Nick……Second Life was still trying to load….Nick was asleep (45 minutes later)….Second Life was still trying to load.

I rebooted the computer and started to apply a couple of patches. Meanwhile, Jeanette downloaded, installed and had me sign-in to Second Life….on her new MacBook Pro….in less than 10 minutes.

My Tecra had made it to the login screen.

Enough’s Enough.

Today I got my MacBook Pro…..and the Tecra is headed back to Toshiba.