Drivers and Software Updates

   To Toshiba’s credit they have what appears to be a complete set of drivers and software to update my M4. I started downloading the updates at 9:00pm this evening. Forty-five minutes later I completed downloading 265MB of drivers and utilities for upgrading my M4 to Vista.

The next step…update software. The upgrade advisor noted the following software that might be incompatible:

Microsoft ActiveSync – I uninstalled this since I don’t sync a pocket PC anymore

Microsoft Interactive Training – I should be able to uninstall. If I need it again, I would hope that Microsoft would have an updated version I can install.Well, that was the plan. I wasn’t able to find a shortcut for the program or find it listed in the Add / Remove Programs list. I’ll leave it and see what happens.

Symantec Antivirus – The version I’m using was made available to me through the Army’s short-lived support for retirees. They have since withdrawn this program. I bought the update (Norton Antivirus 2007) from the Symantec website for $39.00. Finished installing the update and applying updated signature files.

Sony Ericsson PC Suite – This software will allow me to sync my Outlook calendar with my cell phone via Bluetooth. This is the latest version so I’ll just have to see what happens.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4. Since I ran the report a few days ago, I have since update this to version 5. I don’t know if it will cause any compatibility problems. I checked the Adobe site for updates and I have the latest version installed. So this is another one…we’ll just have to see what happens.

SQL Server Management Studio CTP. I should be able to uninstall this and install the released product. Uninstalled and downloaded version 1.00.0080 (April 18, 2006). Installed the new version.

MS SQL Server 2005. I’m currently having probelms updating SQL Express 2005, so this one should be interesting. After installing the updated SQL Management Studio. I added my own account to the SQLEXPRESS instance and assigned all the server roles to the account. The only post that I found that explained how to successfully fix this basically said uninstall then reinstall and all should work well. I uninstalled. If I need it, I’ll reinstall it then. I also had to go back and uninstall the SQL Server Management Studio.

Windows Messenger – I don’t use this since I’ve installed Live Messenger. I uninstalled this.

It’s 12:45 a.m. A little over three and a half hours and I believe I have addressed the software issues I can.

Not trusting any of these type of upgrades, the next step will be to use drive image to make a backup image of my existing laptop.