Save the Data

At this point I have come to the realization that I will need to do a “clean” install. That means I will need a means of saving all my data and system settings. A visit to the Microsoft Vista site uncovered the “Windows Easy Transfer” utility. It is designed to do just that…save a PC’s data, settings and accounts.

Perfect. I downloaded, installed and ran the utility. The utility allows one to save the PCs accounts, settings and non O/S files to an attached external drive. I point it to the attached USB external drive I used to save my Drive Image backup image and received an error. The error indicated that I can’t save the data to a FAT32 formatted drive.

With that piece of information, I spent a couple of hours moving the 100GB of video and graphic images off that drive to my local PC and a network share so I can reformat the drive as an NTFS drive. The intent is to move most of that data back onto the drive when I have finished formatting it.

I started the format….then it occurred to me that Drive Image will probably not be able to read that drive once it is formatted as an NTFS drive.