Failure to Read Instructions

I started by following Toshiba’s upgrade instructions.

  • Download Vista Drivers and Utilities and place them in the appropriate directories
  • Uninstall all the XP Dirvers and Utilities
  • Start the Vista Upgrade

After several minutes of watching the Vista install process run I was finally presented a screen that seemingly gave me the option of performing an upgrade or a clean install; however, the upgrade option was disabled. There was also a note that read “The upgrade option has been disabled. “You cannot upgrade from Tablet PC Edition 2005 to Vista Home Premium”.

My initial reaction was, “how can this happen without anything telling me this would happen”? I picked up the Vista package and read the fine print. Sure enough, printed right on the package I found the statement:

“You must perform a clean install of Windows Vista and then reinstall your existing files, settings and programs, unless you are upgrading from Windows XP SP2 Home or Media Center Edition, or Windows Vista Home Basic.”

I successfully restored my Drive Image backup overnight.