Deciding to Upgrade

IIS 7 was the catalyst to upgrade my PC to Vista. With Windows XP, the version of IIS (5.1) did not match the version on deployment servers (6.0). With Vista and Longhorn Server, the desktop and server environments for IIS will once again align.

The first thing to overcome was the cost. Most people are getting into Vista through the purchase of a new PC. In my case I am leasing a Toshiba Tecra M4. I have a two year lease and have one more year left on the lease. I called Toshiba and asked if an upgrade was possible through them. Their answer was no; however, they would support the machine if I decided to upgrade to Vista on my own. Initially I was thinking I would just wait the one year and get Vista with my new upgrade but getting started on IIS 7 noew was too compelling. So it seems I will need to pay for my upgrade. Vista Home Premium is the least expensive version that includes IIS 7 so that’s the version I settled on.

After a trip to the Ft. Lewis PX and $158 later (at least I didn’t have to pay tax) I have the green Windows Vista Home Premium package sitting here next to my Toshiba Tecra M4.