Travel Update

Once we accepted the referral we began preparations and looking at maps of China. It appears as though our trip will consist of three legs. The first stop will be to Beijing to tour either the Forbidden City or the Great Wall. From there we will travel to Wuhan, the capitol of the Hubei Province, where we will take custody of Jia Nian. Finally we will travel to Guangzhou, near Hong Kong, where we will finalize the adoption at the U.S. Consolate.

As best we can tell we will be one of five couples traveling. We don’t know exactly when we will leave but WACAP indicates that once all members of the group have accepted the referral, it takes about two to three weeks to receive a trave invitation from the Chinese government and about two to three weeks to arrange for the trip. We’re guessing mid to late July.

Beijing is relatively far north and the climate won’t be too different from that of the mid-west U.S. Wuhan is about 650 miles south of Beijing, about on the same longitude as the U.S – Mexican border. Guangzhou is another 500 miles south. Definitely tropical climate.