We Have a Referral

Yesterday we received a call from WACAP, our adoption agency, with the name, brief description of the child and a couple of pictures.

Bio of the newest member of the Delaplane family:

Name: Shi, Jia Nian

DOB: 3/1/2005

The interesting thing about this referral is that Jia Nian is with a foster family in China instead of an adopton agency. I’ve never heard of this happening before.

As explained by WACAP and experiences of others we know who have adopted from China, the adoptive parents travel to the embassy in China, visit the orphanage, and spend some time near the embassy experiencing some of the Chinese culture. They then travel to the capitol of the province the child came from to experience some of the culture of that region.

We’re not sure what the itenerary will be given Jia Nian is with a foster family…presumably in the Hubei Province where she was born.

We’ll keep you posted.